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What to look for in colonial doors?

What to look for in colonial doors?

The doors in your house can make or break the overall look of your interior design, so whether you’re beginning from scratch or remodeling, choosing the right type is critical to the overall look.

For various reasons, colonial doors are being used in more homes than they have ever been before.

They can transform practically any area into something spectacular with symmetrical forms and beautiful molding.

This simple guide will surely help you out. Let’s dive into the topic!

What to Look for In Colonial Doors?

Raised Panels: 

Raised panels are panels that are raised above the ground.

Many colonial design doors feature raised panels, which contribute to the overall beauty of the doorway by drawing the eye upward.

These are available in various forms and sizes, but the most typical configuration is five panels, with the center panel being more horizontal than vertical in orientation.

Additionally, you may order them with as many as 10 trim panels. The number of panels on the door determines how beautiful it seems.

Dark & Hard Woods: 

Darker hues, particularly earth tones, were used to design early colonial structures. It also included more difficult-to-work-with timbers such as walnut, cherry, and mahogany.

However, you may also find interior doors in this more conventional form but other woods and in much lighter colors than what you would expect to see.

Every person has their interpretation of the term “colonial.” The terms “original colonial style” and “colonial revival style” have become nearly synonymous.

Colonial architecture includes many architectural styles that emerged throughout the 18th and 19th centuries in the United States.

So even if you believe you’re sticking with a more classic look, you might choose a revival design popularized much later in the nineteenth century. Are you curious as to why?

To Arch or Not to Arch: 

Beautiful arches typically characterized Colonial-style residences, but the architecture grew more symmetrical as time progressed.

You’re likely to encounter both types of colonial interior doors when shopping for colonial interior doors on a broad scale while shopping for colonial interior doors.

However, it is essential to maintain consistency for a cohesive design across your house.


Many of the colonial-styled doors feature windows on the top or bottom.

Their forms and sizes vary, and you can even acquire French colonial style doors with multiple small windows to transition between your den, dining room, or even living room.

Choose the type and amount of windows that appeal to you the most, and it will blend in well with your other interior design accents and furnishings.

Bottom Line

It’s vital to know the intended location of an internal door before making a purchase. Interior doors are available in various styles and materials, each serving a distinct function and adding value to the home.

Colonial design is a beautiful concept for the interior of your home, even if it is not a good choice for the exterior.

The doors have the potential to be the perfect finishing touch for a space. For additional information on installing colonial doors, don’t hesitate to contact Doralum.


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