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What Are The Major Styles Of Contempo Doors?

What Are The Major Styles Of Contempo Doors?

Contempo doors are the new era of the doors’ world. If you have unique construction for your home or office or doing remodeling, this is the best time to go for contempo doors.

Who doesn’t want the hot trendy, and stylish door for their home? It is a new concept for people; they think differently about this door.

If you want to know the Contempo doors then below, Doralum will explain the significant styles of contempo doors. So, stay with us.

What Are Contempo Doors?

The contempo doors are for you if you are a person that enjoys a trendy style. These doors are very modern and new for anybody. 

You can also get a timeless twist in the design of the contempo doors as the design ages very well.

For the classic look, you can also have the twist of the classy and modern style of the doors. 

A Contempo Door can be used for the front and rear sides of the home. So don’t you miss the chance to get the excellent opportunity to get a modern door for yourself?

Major Styles of Contempo Doors

  • Front Flush Doors

Generally, flush doors are made of flat surfaces. You can personalize the front doors with the windows.

Combining different wood species and the changing wood grain’s direction also can be used for personalization.

Moreover, the grooves added also helps to get a different kind of flat surface door.

  • Lite Multi-Horizontal Doors

Lite Multi-horizontal Doors are one of the popular Contempo doors in the world.

You can use both for exterior and interior. You can use the WaterBarrier and UltraBlockboth for the multi-horizontal doors.

This kind of door can have a dramatic effect on the home. You can use any type of glass in the door. Also, the different shapes of glass you can use as your choice. All these doors are very strong and durable.

  • One Lite & One Panel Design

If you want a simple, one-piece, and large flat panel of the door, then a one-panel design door is very effective.

With Water Barrier and Ultra Block technologies, you can apply this kind of door anywhere. Against the element of the door, you don’t need to worry about it.

Characteristics Of The Contempo Door

  • With the wood-effective GRP skin.
  • With the sleek and simple hardware made doors. You will find the large silver tones on the doors.
  • With simple geometric shapes and most of the time with one color.
  • You will get a bold and modern vibe from the door always.
  • Also with the large straight edge, the door looks different and smart.

Wrapping Up

You can build your dream design of a door with the Contempo door. For a modern vibe, this kind of door is critical. Besides that, you can apply modern technology to it.

With its outstanding durability and convenience, every trendy person should choose the Contempo Door.

So, don’t be late to accept the Contempo Door. Bring happiness and style with it. Contact with Doralum now!


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