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Sorrento Doors

Sorrento Doors

During hurricane season, the property owners face a unique challenge of limiting the damages caused by high-velocity winds, hurricanes and thunderstorms. If you live in Florida, you already know how important it is to protect your homes and offices from the devastating winds. Storms are a threat to many areas in Florida and every year the power and intensity of the hurricanes will only increase. So, it is necessary to install impact doors and windows at every home in Florida. It can be really dangerous if the normal glass windows are subject to high-velocity winds. To be safe from the hurricanes, storms and high-velocity winds, make sure that you take precautionary steps before the storm season begins. Click here to learn more about the quality and durability of an aluminium window.
When you make up your mind to install impact doors, there are plenty of styles to choose from. You can install Cosmopolitan, Colonial, Contempo, Verticale, Sorrento, Infinity, Modena or even Full View impact door style. The impact doors come in various designs and sizes, so you can choose a door based on the structure and architecture of your home.

Sorrento Doors

Sorrento doors bring contemporary style for uplifting the decor of your home. These are dense premium doors with designs on either side. They are uniquely designed to safeguard you and your family from the wrath of wind-borne debris. You can choose to install Sorrento doors as a single door, double door or even as sidelites. You can customize the doors according to your requirements. The glass used in these doors is resilient and strong for reducing the impact of wind-borne debris. The doors consist of double gazed pane fixed to an aluminium frame so that sufficient strength is created.

If you are already living in a home and are thinking to increase its safety and security, you can first replace the existing doors with Sorrento doors. These impact resistant doors will not only safeguard your property but also give a new look to your home. If you installed normal non-impact resistant doors at your home, you will know how hard it is to maintain your property. During a natural calamity, the high-speed winds along with the debris will enter your home after shattering the glass of your doors and windows. This will greatly damage the interiors and valuables at your home. To block the winds from entering your home and protect your property, it is important to install impact-resistant doors and windows.

There are various benefits of installing Sorrento doors to your home. As the impact doors consist of two glass panels joined together with a thin transparent film, they provide protection from the hurricanes as well as unwanted intruders. They are also energy efficient as they maintain the temperature of your home during the winter and summer season. Getting a discount on home insurance premiums is also very easy as the officers understand the value that impact doors provide to the property. It also reduces the noise, giving you a peaceful environment at home. If you want to protect your biggest investment, your home, or want to increase the security of your business, installation of impact doors and windows should be your priority.


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