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Sorrento Doors

Sorrento Doors

Here in Florida, real estate owners are likely to face high-speed winds, storms, and hurricanes during the hurricane season. So, it’s important to guard the property against bad weather conditions before the start of hurricane season. Each year, the severity of hurricanes and storms increase in Florida, therefore, it is essential to install impact-resistant windows and doors in your home and workplace. Unlike normal glass doors, impact glass doors can withstand high-speed winds without breaking into tiny, sharp glass pieces that are really harmful to residents and belongings.

You will come across several options when you decide to install impact doors on your property. Here at Doralum, you can find plenty of impact door styles, such as Colonial doors, Sorrento doors, Cosmopolitan doors, Verticale doors, Infinity doors, Contempo doors, Full View doors, Modena doors, etc. Each of these door styles has a specific design, shape, and size. It means you have plenty of choices with respect to your door style, so do consider your property’s architecture before taking the final decision. Here in this blog post, we will be talking about Sorrento doors.

The outlook of your home can be improved drastically with Sorrento doors.

These are premium doors and have a unique design on both sides. They are specially designed to protect you and your family members from the adverse effects of wind-borne debris. The best thing about Sorrento doors is that they are available as sidelites, single door, or double door designs. Also, you can get them customized as per your needs. The impact glass is strong enough to reduce the effect of wind-borne debris. The glass comprises a double glazed pane that is attached to an aluminum or wooden frame to provide maximum strength.

While living in Florida, its necessary to guard your property against storms and hurricanes, and for that, you can rely on impact-resistant Sorrento doors. These doors will enhance the safety of your property, not just against bad weather conditions but also from burglars. Furthermore, these doors will beautify your property’s appearance and will give it a new look. The impact glass is horizontally placed in Sorrento doors to provide an attractive appearance. You don’t need to worry about glass breakage even if there is a heavy storm outside. If in case the glass breaks, it will remain attached to the frame instead of entering your house or workplace. In this way, there will be no harm to you, your family, or your precious belongings.

You will be glad to know that impact-resistant glass doors offer several benefits to property owners. These doors have two glass panels that are attached with a transparent thin film to protect from unwanted burglars and hurricanes. They are energy-efficient and can help maintain your property’s temperature during both the summer and winter seasons. Some insurance companies also offer discounts on property insurance premiums if the property has impact glass doors and windows. Furthermore, these doors also decrease the noise from outside so that you can have a calm environment inside your property. Call us right now to install Sorrento doors and enjoy all these benefits.


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