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Sorrento Doors

Sorrento Doors

Sorrento doors are the epitome of contemporary and chic design. The ultra-contemporary sorrento doors are made within a stainless steel rectangular frame where horizontal or vertical vision panels are used to make the final look. The usual sorrento door is made with horizontal panels however with vertical panels, it is known as Sorrento V. The rectangular frame of stainless steel is mostly wider when it comes to Sorrento V doors.

The design is either horizontal or vertical, but people add a twist in them by adding a glass patch in it on one side. The size of sorrento doors is 10mm wide just like any normal door but it can be widen depending upon the customized interior designs.

Experts in interior designing suggest that you go with the opposite of any kind of cladding design on your front while deciding about vertical or horizontal sorrento doors. The thing is when you do the opposite of your cladding, both designs will pop up complementing each other and eventually, your home will look attractive.

If you are opting for sorrento doors as your front doors, there are two options for you.

If you are opting for sorrento doors as your front doors, there are two options for you. You can go with a hinged door that is a classic setting, but you also opt for pivot doors just to add a further contemporary vibe in your home. The configuration can be optional as well. You can have the glass overhead panel, glass side panel, woodside panel, wood overhead panel, wood panel on both sides and a glass overhead panel and such. Again, the glass panel can be of your liking too. Choose the clear glass, sandblasted glass, or etched, all can be arranged according to your liking. You can have one or two doors for your front door or your patio as well. As for the finishes, there are natural hardwood designs that you can choose. There are light and dark shades available to your liking. If you want to go a little beyond the natural colors, you can always have the doors painted. As for security concerns, you can install any kind of security system even the standard biometric lock system on these doors. Lastly, the prices of sorrento doors can depend on the final configuration. If you opt for a simpler design, the cost will be low but complicated designs might cost you a little more. Also, the kind of hardwood, glass, and accessory options you use can affect your cost. One of the key benefits of going modern is that it can be energy efficient and serves your need to be chic.

Doralum is a company that manufactures doors and windows. The company has been in the business of making impact vertical doors and windows for more than 25 years. They have an extensive range of materials, designs, and sizes for doors and windows. You can choose from their range of Vertical Doors, Colonial Doors, Infinity Doors, Sorrento Doors, Cosmopolitan, Contempo, Full View or Modena style doors and much more. It doesn’t matter if you are renovating your old home or building a new home, you can always get a design that matches the previous architecture of your house.


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