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Sorrento Doors

Sorrento Doors

Real estate owners have to face a severe challenge during the hurricane season due to the high-speed winds, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. They must take some precautionary measures to limit the damages that are caused by hurricanes and storms. The chance to get affected by hurricanes increases to a greater extent if you are living in Florida. So, the Floridians must protect their property from the devastating storms and hurricanes.

High-speed winds are a hazard to several areas in Florida. Each year, the intensity and power of the storms and hurricanes only rise. Therefore, it is essential to install impact-resistant windows and doors in your home and office. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous if your normal glass windows and doors are exposed to high-speed winds. So, to remain safe from storms, high-speed winds, and hurricanes, make sure to take preventive measures before the start of hurricane season.

When property owners have decided to install impact glass doors, then they can find several designs and shapes in the market. Here it is important to state that several companies manufacture impact glass doors, so you need to be careful in choosing the best among them. Doralum is one of the best companies that offer impact glass doors in various styles such as Sorrento, Cosmopolitan, Contempo, Modena, Infinity, Verticale, Colonial, Quadra, Full View, Modern Classic Series, and Paired Vents. It is the choice of customers that which style of the impact-resistant door they would like to order. Here in this blog post, we are going to discuss Sorrento Doors in detail.

Sorrento Doors

A few years back, doors were usually manufactured in full view style. But nowadays, you can find a variety of door styles for your home, apartment, or office. For instance, Sorrento doors have a modern design on both of its right and left sides. Besides having a trendy style, Sorrento doors are designed to protect you, your family, and your belongings from wind-borne debris. Property owners have the choice to install these types of doors as a sidelite, single door, or double door. They can also customize Sorrento doors according to their home’s architecture or design.

Sorrento doors are made with impact-resistant glass, which is strong enough to minimize the negative consequences of wind-borne debris. These doors contain a double gazed pane that is attached to an aluminum frame to provide extra strength. Unlike traditional glass doors, Sorrento doors prevent breakage and do not shatter into pieces when hit by a storm or hurricane. The shattered glass pieces can be very harmful to the residents. Moreover, these shattered glass pieces can also damage your precious belongings. Therefore, it is necessary to install impact glass doors to protect you and your family.

Sorrento doors also offer many other benefits such as protection against ultraviolet rays, noise reduction, discounts on insurance premiums, and reduction in utility bills. Therefore, we highly suggest the property owners to install impact-resistant doors to obtain all these benefits.

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