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Sorrento Doors

Sorrento Doors

High wind storms and hurricanes often occur in Florida and cause damage to the properties. Summer season is always considered crucial when it comes to protecting your property from storms and winds. Even during winters, intense storms can destroy the property. So, you need to install impact windows and doors to protect your real estate. These windows and doors will add value to your residential or commercial property and will guard you and your family against regular storms and hurricanes.

Majority of the people think that impact doors are costly, but it is not true as you can get them at a reasonable price from Doralum. No matter whether you want to protect your office or home from storms, you can get a variety of impact doors such as Sorrento Doors, Colonial Doors, Modena Doors, Infinity Doors, Verticale Doors, Paired Vents, Modern Classic Series, Full View, etc. You can select any of these styles depending on your choice. Furthermore, you can also choose any size based on the architecture and structure of your office or home. Here in this blog post, we will discuss Sorrento Doors in detail. Let’s have a look.

Sorrento Doors

Gone are the days when doors were manufactured in traditional designs. These days, you can get doors in contemporary styles to enhance your home décor. Sorrento doors are among the commonly used premium impact doors that have a design on both sides. These doors are designed in a manner that they can resist high wind storms and will protect the residents from wind-borne debris.

Sorrento doors are chosen by the property owners to have maximum protection against hurricanes and storms.

The best thing about these doors is that they do not obstruct the entrance of natural light. It is completely your choice to use Sorrento doors as a double door, single door, or sidelites. The size of door can easily be customized based on the available space and structure of your home. In this style, impact glasses are placed in a horizontal position with wood in between them. The placement of impact glasses helps in making the Sorrento doors strong, long-lasting, and hurricane-resistant.

If you want to improve the safety of your home, then prefer replacing your traditional doors with contemporary-style Sorrento doors. These impact doors will not only protect your real estate but will also improve its value. Installing a good-quality impact door will make your property resistant against storms and hurricanes. Also, you can guard your property against break-ins and robbery.

The glass of a traditional door can break when a high-speed wind or hurricane hit your property. The shattering of glass can cause damage to the residents and the interiors. So to block the entrance of storms and wind-borne debris, you must install impact glass windows and doors. Other benefits of impact doors include UV protection, discounts on the insurance premium, energy-efficiency, and noise reduction. So, by installing Sorrento doors in your home, you can get all these benefits. Simply contact Doralum to get your desired door style.


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