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Popular Types of Impact Glass Windows In 2022

Popular Types of Impact Glass Windows In 2022

Are you looking for a fresh way to liven up your home? It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about renovating a house, but it should be. On the other hand, the correct window improvement may make a huge impact.

In addition to improving your home’s energy efficiency, a window replacement may also better protect you and your family from inclement weather by opting for an impact-resistant alternative.

Impact glass windows are highly recommended for anybody in a hurricane zone, which is why we’ve chosen to focus on the most common varieties of impact-resistant windows in this piece.

For your home renovation project, let’s look at some of the window styles compliant with the Building Code’s specifications.

Popular Types of Impact Glass Windows

  • Single Hung Windows:

You’ll see a lot of single-hung impact windows in your day-to-day. The bottom pane of glass moves up to open, then slides back down to close.

If you have a standard-sized opening in your house, this window type is the most cost-effective alternative.

  • Double Hung Windows:

For increased ventilation, some homeowners choose double-hung windows over single-hung ones. 

Double-hung windows are often more costly than single-hung windows because of their additional movement. A broader airflow is worth the extra expense for some homeowners, but a top-opening window may not be worth the extra cost for those with back or strength issues which need to keep the top closed all the time.

Impact-resistant windows, such as those with thicker glass and more robust frames, are available in single-hung and double-hung configurations.

  • Cascading Windows

Casement windows, as opposed to the more common single and double-hung varieties, open inward rather than outward (sometimes outward). Crank mechanisms are common, and they may be installed so that the door opens to the left or right, depending on the homeowner’s taste.

Single and double-hung windows have a horizontal center brace bar that blocks the outside view, but this design gives a more open, clear line of sight. It also has a more refined appearance for an elevated aesthetic.

Because of this, they are generally referred to as one of the most energy-efficient impact windows, as the seal is further strengthened when air from outside blows against the panel.

Casement windows are one of the most expensive impact window options because of the extra luxury.

It’s important to remember that inward-opening casement windows are best suited for rooms with more space since a glass pane within the window would be less noticeable while it’s open.

  • Fixed/Picture Windows

Picture windows have one sizeable open glass panel. Picture windows can range from floor-to-ceiling glass to huge panes over a bathtub or in your living room. These fixed windows don’t open, yet they may provide the feeling of openness and connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Because these windows are often manufactured from vast slabs of impact glass, precisely cut to fit, they can be more expensive than ordinary windows. The investment is well worth the comprehensive view of their magnificent surroundings for many homeowners.

  • Sliding Windows:

Nothing beats a large horizontal window that spans an entire wall. Like sliding glass doors, sliding windows have two different window panes that move on a track to open.

Because they are frequently lengthy windows spread across a room, this window design is often considered elegant for dining rooms or large bedrooms. They may allow in a lot of fresh air and provide a great view.

  • Bay Window:

Bay windows project are also popular. Exterior windows that hang over your wall offer the sense of perfect space without costly house upgrades.

The fixed window lets in plenty of light with the two surrounding frames open.

Bottom Line

If you need to install high-quality impact glass windows in Miami, contact Doralum. We provide top-grade impact-resistant glass windows for your home. These windows will help you to protect your house in the hurricane season.


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