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Weather conditions are tropical in the sunshine state Florida. People here know the kind of weather they experience and are concerned to build their homes with safer materials for long-lasting protection. Every year when the storm hit, there is considerable damage. For an average homeowner, there are maximum chances to experience some of the damage that has been done through the hurricane. Different companies have been working here to offer options to homeowners to upgrade their homes with the latest up-gradation in the market.

Every year, there is an intensity in the winds which is the major reason for broken glass in windows and doors. Experts have introduced the impact glass windows and doors for homes that can be installed in your home rather than the usual glass windows. Impact glass windows are also called as the Hurricane-resistant windows or storm-proof windows.

Doralum offers different designs and styles that are suitable for your home. It offers Verticale Doors, Colonial Doors, Infinity Doors, and Sorrento Doors, Cosmopolitan Doors, Contempo Doors, Full View Doors, and Modena style Doors. Here, in this blog, we are going to have a little discussion about Modena style doors.

Modena is a city in Italy and the architecture inspired by that city referred to as Modena style

Different people opt for different styles for their homes. One of the famous styles is Modena. Modena is a city in Italy and the architecture inspired by that city referred to as Modena style. The original design uses mosaic kind of tiles with some space but in windows, they use a colored partition, or some even just go with the simple design without any color. They use aluminum frame and inside it, an impact glass is fitted. You can choose to have a single or double door, or you can go with the sidelines if you have railing kind of door. The impact doors are made of impact-resistant glass in which a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is sandwiched. This impact glass door Modena will keep the pressure winds break into the glass.

These impact glass Modena style doors come with many beneficial features. One of its distinguished features include its inner-membrane windows as if the glass shatters, the broken glass will remain attached to the membrane within the frame. Usually, a normal glass door won’t hold the strong wind and will break and cause the immense pressure of wind inside the house which is not safe. But with these impact glass doors, you don’t need to install extra hurricane shutters during the storm season as the impact glass doors will be enough. These Modena style impact glass doors are also energy efficient as they maintain the temperature on the inside during cold or hot weather. In this way, you can lower down your energy bills.


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