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Modena Impact Glass Doors in Miami: Why It Is A Superior Choice?

Modena Impact Glass Doors in Miami: Why It Is A Superior Choice?

In Miami, Modena impact glass doors are the finest way to safeguard your family and money. Hurricanes and other catastrophic weather events are nothing new in Miami.

They can shatter windows and roofs while causing much damage and death to their victims. Because of this, they may be extremely destructive and do more harm than most people can accurately foresee. In addition, they might cause more property damage.

Now that we’ve seen how impact doors helped mitigate storm damage for multiple years, there’s no denying the value of installing them in your home.

Miami’s Modena Impact doors have a well-deserved reputation for protecting its owners from hurricane-force winds and rain and discouraging would-be attackers from breaking in.

Doralum will explain how modena doors minimize the destruction by hurricane winds imposed on your property in this blog.

Why Modena Is An Exceptional Choice?

Improved New Design

Several new impact glass door designs have been available after many years of witnessing impact glass doors in Miami aid homes and decrease the severity of the damage.

Various new options are available to suit your preferences and the aesthetic of your place of work or residence—all with the same protective and long-lasting features you want for your house.

Every Modena impact door product is built with patented and very distinctive technology that makes them effective as they are.

The doors are made by encasing two panes of tempered glass in a thin layer of air. To guarantee optimum flexibility and malleability, the glass panes are next covered with a thin laminate layer.

The reputation of the Highest Order

In light of the high degree of recognition that modena impact glass has earned, the government has begun to amend remodeling regulations to allow these doors to be installed in coastal areas and locations that experience the most storm damage.

Since this product is so successful, modena impact glass doors in Miami have become essential for every house or company.

Incredibly Flexible Configuration

The Modena Style Doors are equally appealing to those who want a simple design and those who prefer the contemporary style.

You have various options, such as colorful wood panels, simplicity, or even a void between the tiles.

Another alternative is to place a glass panel between the tiles to provide more visual interest. This sort of framework allows us to adjust quickly.

To ensure the safety of your property, a wooden door with a glass panel is the ideal option.

Contact Doralum for Installing Modena Doors

If you want to have a Modena Style Door installed, Doralum is the ideal company to choose for the job. Why? There are many reasons why you should choose to collaborate with us.

Doralum is the industry leader in impact glass for doors. We focus on new construction, whether a home, a business or a metropolis. In addition, we do storm protection retrofits for older buildings.

Don’t waste time and put your house’s structural integrity in jeopardy. Contact Doralum right away!


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