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People who live in tropical areas are well aware of hurricanes and their aftereffects. More than often they have to face difficulty during the hurricane season. The damages that are caused by thunderstorms and high-velocity winds include broken windows, doors, and wiring among other things. If you happen to be a resident of Florida, then you’d know this firsthand. You will have to face the challenging weather and once you have experienced it, you will definitely look for ways to overcome the damages. Almost every year, storms hit different areas of Florida, so it is better that all residents stay careful in the storm season. They must take precautions to protect their homes, offices, and every other building in their area against the devastating effects of winds or hurricanes to keep the damage minimum.

It is important to mention that the intensity and power of hurricanes can increase anytime during the storm and it is getting increased every year, so you need to choose the best solution to protect your home. Normal glass windows and doors may break if they are exposed to strong winds. Imagine if you or any of your family members are standing next to the door and suddenly its glass shatters, the damage would be devastating. For that situation, it is highly recommended to install impact doors and windows in your home and office before the beginning of the hurricane season. This precautionary step will help you avoid the negative consequences of hurricanes, strong winds, and hailstorms.

Modena doors can be fitted in any type of frame

Once you have decided to install impact doors, you need to choose them from a reliable company. Different companies have been working in Florida to offer different options to homeowners to upgrade their homes with the latest up-gradation in the market. Doralum is the No.1 supplier of impact doors in Florida where you can get various styles of doors and windows. Some of their most famous impact door styles include Verticale Doors, Colonial Doors, Infinity Doors, Sorrento Doors, Cosmopolitan, Contempo, Full View, and Modena style of doors. It is completely your choice to choose any of these impact doors as per the architecture and structure of your office or home. Here in this article, we will be discussing the Modena. Let’s have a look:

Modena is a city in Italy and this style is basically influenced by that particular area. In this style, they use mosaic tiles to make things and when it comes to modern-day windows and doors, they use colorful partitions to have that same impact. They blend the colorful partition and the colorless glass to indulge a more artistic look. Nowadays, these Modena doors can be fitted in any type of frame but for best weather resistant solutions, experts recommend using aluminum and impact glass inside it. Luckily, Modena doors can be managed with impact glass and would be a great match for your home architecture. The layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is sandwiched in the impact glass that makes it more protected.


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