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Key Features of Durable Quadra Doors

Key Features of Durable Quadra Doors

Quadra is the safest riser door available, whether you go with the tried-and-true Quadra model or the brand-new Pre-intumesced Quadra model, which has intumescent fire protection.

Quadra offers 3 unique designs. You will get single door, double door and also sidelites too.

In this article, we will go through the basics of Quadra doors. Be Patient.

What is Quadra Door: Is it Worth It?

You can install a Quadra door in any opening, narrow or wide because its unique jamb can be fastened directly to the wall and ceiling. ‎

In common parlance, a “hinged door and frame” describes the gold standard of doors. Either a single or double push/pull mechanism is available.

You may also modify the jambs and finishing lists to meet your specific design requirements. The wooden jamb is the tried-and-true classic when it comes to door systems.

It is mounted on a phony wooden frame and can be adjusted to fit walls anywhere from 60 to 300 millimeters in thickness.

For the swinging variety, there are hidden hinges that allow for a full 180 degrees of opening (when pulled) or a full 90 degrees of space (when opened) (to push). Doralum makes use of three-axis adjustable certified hinges.

Unique Features of Quadra Doors

No.1 Riser Door System:

The most challenging thing for a designer is gaining access to the riser and other auxiliary rooms, such as service cabinets. 

A row of unattractive doors may ruin the most stunning layout slapped in the center; these doors would be used infrequently and would be an unwanted distraction to everyone passing by.

The Doralum Quadra riser door systems are attractive riser doors that are frameless and high performing. 

These riser doors allow you to achieve the flush, seamless finish you desire while providing the fire-rated performance you want.

Better by design:

Plaster or tape and jointing compound may be placed up to the edge of the door frame, hiding the door frame and all of the fittings, thanks to the high-performance folding steel frames equipped with an inbuilt perforated plaster bead. 

The product has passed fire and acoustic tests. As a result, the variety of concealed riser doors offered by doralum is the widest and most versatile selection currently available on the market. ‎

The insulated core contained within a metal door:

An extremely cost-effective option that offers protection against fire for up to two hours without compromising aesthetics. 

The door leaves are mounted on a one-of-a-kind fast-release pivot system, and the system comes with all of the necessary ironmongery already pre-fitted. This makes the installation process quick and easy. 

The Quadra system is an industry first in that it can be installed in banks up to six doors broad and yet retain a fire rating of two hours.

Final Verdict

The majority of Doralum’s impact door systems are installed in multi-story buildings, including flats and offices, as well as hotels, universities, and hospitals.

Doralum is the place to go if you’re looking to buy Quadra doors at a fair price.


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