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Infinity Doors

Infinity Doors

Doralum is a business service which deals in impact resistant doors and windows for homes in Miami, Florida. Considering that the weather here is kind of windy and rainy, a homeowner would require something more durable than wood and what better way to use aluminum and fiberglass made infinity doors designed in French way as a replacement for the traditional wooden door. So many modern houses are using infinity doors instead of wooden patio doors because they just don’t look modern, but they also require low maintenance than the traditional wooden doors over the years. They come in more than one design and there are other options for the material you want to use inside the frame instead of fiberglass.

Doralum’s infinity doors: Doralum Company has been in the business of making and selling impact doors and windows for almost 25 years. They have evolved with the needs of their customers and modern technology. Whatever you need in terms of design or frame, you can get it from us at affordable rates. We don’t compromise on our quality as this is the reason why we have been in business longer than so many other businesses. We provide strength, durability, and security of your windows and doors. Not only we make and sell infinity doors, but we have a professional team of experts who can install infinity doors in your home. There is a whole gallery of our work in different places on our website. Make sure you give it a fine look and make up your mind.

Our company Doralum has been manufacturing the impact doors and windows with the approval code process of Miami-Dade County’s strict which means all of our products are safe to use without any worries. Just visit our website, call us, email us, or visit us in person to get the free estimate of your old windows and doors.

Why choose Doralum for your infinity doors?

The thing is that we have a variety of infinity doors that can suit your home. We can offer different colors, sizes, designs, and weatherproof infinity doors. You can choose the fiberglass material and frame material of your own choice as well because we believe in satisfying our customers.

The common types of infinity doors are as follows:

Infinity sliding patio door: We use Ultrex fiberglass for the interior and exterior because that is durable enough for every home. We can give the bare wood or semi-gloss finish look in any shade you like.

Infinity sliding French door: This infinity sliding French door is the best way to save some space. Choose the Ultrex fiberglass of your own choice along with foot bolt for security purposes and enjoy the smooth operating. You can choose the French panel of your own choice for it.

Infinity swinging French door: If you have more space in your home then a swinging French door would be better suited. It opens inward and outward just like classic French doors. It is a little expensive and needs proper maintenance over the years.


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    February 26, 2020, 6:08 am REPLY

    Quisiera saber cuál sería el precio para dos puertas exterior una para el frente y otra para la parte trasera muchas gracias

  • Edgardo
    October 3, 2020, 11:11 pm REPLY

    We need to replace our double entrance door in our appartment, which models do you have?


  • Braden Bills
    November 3, 2020, 2:55 pm REPLY

    I want to get some really nice doors for my home, but I’m not sure what material to look for. It makes sense that I would want to get ones made from fiberglass! That seems like a great way to make it look nice while also lasting a long time.

  • Alberto Portugues
    July 31, 2021, 11:48 pm REPLY

    quiero saber el precio de la puerta con y sin instalacion

  • Alberto Portugues
    July 31, 2021, 11:48 pm REPLY

    quiero saber el precio de la puerta con y sin instalacion

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