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Infinity Doors

Infinity Doors

Installing a secure door is always essential no matter whether it’s your home or office building. A secure door not just protects your precious belongings, but also keeps the residents safe. Burglars often break in through doors, so by securing your door, you can minimize the chances of a robbery. Furthermore, if your property is located in a coastal region, then it is necessary to take preventive measures to keep you and your family safe from adverse weather conditions.

Storms and hurricanes can easily break the glass of a door or window and can harm the residents and belongings. So, there is always a need for an impact-resistant door and windows that will stay intact during adverse weather. You will be glad to know that infinity doors can withstand bad weather conditions, such as storms, high-speed winds, hail, heavy rain, and hurricanes. Infinity doors are made with impact-resistant glass and are difficult to break by a high-speed wind or storm. Moreover, burglars avoid entering a home that has a secure door, so you can prevent any break-in.
Besides protection against severe weather conditions and thieves, infinity doors also add beauty to your office or home. These doors can fit a variety of house designs. The front door of a house can be built with decorative glass panels and handle to create an eye-catchy entryway. Infinity doors are available in different frames, colors, and sizes. Moreover, these doors can be manufactured with/without decorative grids. By installing infinity doors, you can increase the value of your home. If in case, you want to sell your house, then you will get a good selling price as buyers prefer purchasing a home that has installed impact-resistant doors.

The best thing about infinity doors is that they greatly decrease outside noise.

This quality makes infinity doors a perfect choice for homes and offices that are near highways, airports, playgrounds, or other crowded areas. These impact doors can prevent nearly 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays from entering a residential or commercial building. UV rays can damage furniture, pictures, flooring, walls, and other belongings in a home or office. Furthermore, these rays are also dangerous for humans as they can cause skin cancer.

If you have obtained an insurance policy for your property, then infinity doors can prove to be very useful. It’s because most insurance agencies consider impact-resistant doors effective protection against hurricanes and storms. These insurance agencies offer a discount on insurance premiums if you have installed impact doors in your residential or commercial property.
Infinity doors by Doralum can easily withstand strict building codes of South Florida. The inner layer of these doors is tear resistant that is inserted between two glass panes to build a sturdy glass unit. When debris or projectiles hit the door, its outer layer may break, but the inner layer prevents the entrance of flying objects. Doralum impact doors are among the strongest doors in the market and can be customized as per the demand of customers.


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  • Tyler Johnson
    January 27, 2021, 5:18 pm REPLY

    That’s interesting that strong doors could affect your insurance premiums. I like the idea of having saving money on insurance. If a strong door could do that as well as keep burglars and storms out, then that sounds like a great investment.

  • Bryson Owens
    March 8, 2021, 6:51 pm REPLY

    I never realized that these infinity doors are actually really strong and able to resist big storms. My cousin is trying to get a new door for his home this month so that it looks better. He has an older home that needs a lot of renovation projects done this year.

  • Peninsula Mobile Screens
    November 24, 2022, 9:27 am REPLY

    I enjoyed reading this! The infinity door looks really cool as well. Do you know where I could get one made?

  • Peninsula Mobile Screens
    November 24, 2022, 9:27 am REPLY

    I enjoyed reading this! The infinity door looks really cool as well. Do you know where I could get one made?

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