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Impact Windows

Impact Windows

Owning a house is a great responsibility because you need to build it with the highest quality of materials. You also need to maintain your home and secure it against harsh weather and crime. Florida is in the coastal region and it is a well-known fact that hurricanes  hit the area frequently, destroying residential and commercial establishments. For homeowners, it becomes a challenge to limit the damages to their properties caused by harsh weather.

After witnessing many losses to various properties, the Florida State officials have made it mandatory to use storm-resistant materials to build homes, including roofs and walls. During a storm, the first thing it damages is windows and doors. So, you need to install impact windows and impact doors at residential and commercial establishments if you want to lessen the impact of storms and hurricanes.

If you have normal windows at your home, there might be a safety issue. When storms hit the coastal region, normal windows at homes shatter easily, bringing in high velocity of winds. These windows are weak and ineffective and hence, cannot withstand the harsh weather. As soon as the winds enter the homes, pressure increases, lifting the roofs and pushing the walls outward. The overall structure of the home does not survive and this can be dangerous to possessions and family safety.

The best way to protect your property would be to choose strong and durable impact windows that will not only protect your property but also safeguard your family from unwanted intruders.

There are two kinds of impact windows. In one of them, there are two glasses wrapped with a film. When the glass shatters, the transparent film will hold the glasses together. Another one is known as inner membrane glass. This type includes two laminated glasses pressed against each other, with the help of a thin and transparent polyvinyl butaryl layer. During a storm, when the glass shatters, the thin layer will hold both the glasses, preventing strong winds from entering your homes.

Why Should You Install Impact Windows?

Apart from protecting your homes from harsh weather conditions, the impact windows also offer numerous benefits to the property owners.

Discount on Home Insurance

Installing impact windows will reduce the risk of damages to your homes. Seeing this, the insurance officers will definitely offer you discounts on premiums.

No Noise Pollution

Impact windows will help in keeping the noise level to a minimum, giving you sound sleep at night as it prevents various kinds of noise from entering your home.

Savings on Utility Bills

As the impact windows keep the solar heat away, the air conditioner will work effectively, lowering the bills. During winter, it also prevents the heat from escaping the home, keeping it warm.

Increased Security

The several layers of glass in the impact windows offer a lot of security because the glasses cannot be shattered easily by the burglars.

Having impact windows at your homes will be beneficial in a lot of ways. They will greatly reduce the repair costs and ensure that you and your family members are safe from hurricanes, storms and unwanted intruders.


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