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Impact Glass Windows

Impact Glass Windows

The harsh weather conditions in Florida make it difficult for the property owners to maintain their homes every year. Thunderstorms, with high-velocity winds, hit the place frequently and damage lots of properties. Florida is also known as Sunshine State because of its weather and is surrounded by beautiful beaches, due to which the place is vulnerable to damages by thunderstorms and hurricanes. Numerous homes and commercial establishments in Florida get damaged frequently with losses amounting to millions. As a reason, it is important that the homes and offices in Florida are made from impact-resistant materials.

After witnessing lots of damages to the properties, the Florida state officials have updated the building codes. Accordingly, the homes and offices need to be built with impact-resistant materials so that damages can be limited. The property owners should install impact glass windows and doors to safeguard their valuables from getting damaged by high-velocity winds. The impact glass windows can be installed to an under construction building as well as old buildings without any disturbance to their structure. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and can also be customized according to the needs of the buildings.

Why you need Impact Glass Windows?

In case, only normal glass windows are installed in your homes, the high-velocity winds, due to hurricanes and thunderstorms, can easily shatter the glass and enter the homes. As a result, the winds will easily push the walls of the home outward and lift the roof, greatly damaging the structure. These winds will also damage the valuables of your home and increase the repair costs. The only way to limit those damages is to install high-quality impact glass windows from an expert contractor.

Installing impact glass windows is economically viable easy to install. They provide all-around security to your homes and help in reducing the damages during thunderstorms. There are two kinds of impact glass windows that are available for installation. In the first type, there is only one transparent glass and is covered by a transparent film on both sides. When the glass shatters due to unforeseen circumstances, the transparent film will hold the glass pieces together, thereby preventing the winds from entering the homes during thunderstorms.

In the second type, which is the most common, there are two laminated glass panels, which are joined by polyvinyl butaryl (PVB). It is nothing but a thin transparent film that is responsible for keeping the glasses together. When the high-velocity winds hit the homes and shatter the glass of impact windows, the PVB film will hold the pieces together. This will keep the winds from entering the homes, thereby protecting the valuable items.

Installing impact glass windows is a great way to secure your homes and keep the high-velocity winds from entering the homes. The impact glass windows can be customized depending on the type and structure of the home. As these windows are transparent, the homes will benefit from natural lighting even if there is a power cut during thunderstorms. Many other benefits include a discount on the home insurance premium, protection from UV rays and security from unwanted intruders. The impact glass windows also last longer and require minimum maintenance.


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