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Impact Glass Windows

Impact Glass Windows

If you are planning to replace your old windows, then it is highly suggested to go for impact glass windows. You must be thinking why you should opt for impact-resistant windows over traditional windows? What makes impact glass windows better than ordinary glass windows? Well, the answer to these questions lies in 2 key reasons i.e. superior-quality glass and reinforced framing. Let’s have a look at these distinctive features.

        1- Impact-resistant glass

Impact glass windows are constructed of both laminated and tempered glass.

Tempered glass: This kind of glass is treated with heat. It means when the glass cools, its edges and surface become compressed. The glass compression helps to make tempered glass approximately 5 to 10 times stronger as compared to traditional glass. Tempered glass is deemed to be a storm-safe, impact-resistant option not just due to its better strength, but also due to its ability to smash into tiny pieces rather than sharp edges. This minimizes the possibility of injury during bad weather.

Laminated/PVB glass: Laminated glass is made with the bonding of two or more glass panes with a transparent layer of vinyl (PVB) in between. PVB stands for polyvinyl butyral and has shutter-proof property, especially designed to grab or stick broken glass. Whenever the laminated glass experiences an impact because of debris, its outside pane may smash, but the inside layer catches the broken pieces to prevent their entry inside the property. This way your home interior will not be exposed to water and wind. On the other hand, ordinary glass windows contain ordinary float glass that breaks into big, sharp edges upon impact.

SPG glass: SPG stands for Sentry Glass Plus and its construction is similar to that of PVB in which a thin membrane is embedded between glass panes. But, SPG has 5 times stronger interlayers that are comparatively stiffer than PVB inner layer. In this way, an SPG glass window provides better protection against severe wind and wind-borne debris.

        2- Heavy-duty framing

Besides a stronger glass, heavy-duty framing is also required to hold the glass in place. It’s because of heavy-duty framing that is capable of keeping its position despite of a high-impact force and keeps the wind, debris, and rain outside the property. Impact glass windows have stronger, heavy-duty framing and it is made with vinyl or aluminum. Also, the impact-resistant glass is bombarded with a silicone glazing process for avoiding glass breakage from its frame. Besides the studier framing, it is also thicker. Typically, impact glass windows frame have a minimum depth of 2-3/4 inches and 0.062-inch wall thickness that helps windows withstand strong winds. Other than heavy-duty frames and stronger glass, impact-resistant windows can also be customized for heat-reducing glass tints or insulation properties and low-E selections.

If you are looking for superior-quality impact glass windows in Florida, then prefer choosing a reliable manufacturer such as Doralum. Their impact-resistant windows not just protect your property from adverse weather damage, but also make it secure from intruders. Their windows are manufactured in compliance with Miami-Dade County’s approval code process. Doralum has been in this business since 1992, so you can trust their products.


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