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Impact Glass Doors

Impact Glass Doors

Doors remain one of the most vital parts of any home as they provide security while increasing the aesthetic value of the home. But the people of Florida have to install doors by keeping one more thing in mind-hurricanes and thunderstorms. Most of the people find it very difficult to maintain the property in Florida because of harsh weather conditions. Frequent hurricanes damage lots of valuable things of the house owners, adding to the repair costs of homes. After seeing this on a regular basis, the officials of Florida have updated their building codes, according to which the property owners have to build their homes using storm-resistant materials.

One of the most durable things to install to protect the residential and commercial facilities is impact glass doors. They are designed in such a manner that they can withstand high-velocity winds with ease. Doors should not only be installed for decorative purposes but also for security purposes. Florida has a vast shoreline and this is the reason for frequent hurricanes and thunderstorms. To safeguard the property from hurricanes, you should install impact glass doors from a professional. In addition to keeping the high-velocity winds away, they also keep unwanted intruders from entering the homes. There are also great resources at this sites like

Reasons to Install Impact Glass Doors

When the hurricanes occur, the high-velocity winds directly hit homes. If you have used normal glass doors for your home, the winds can shatter the glass and enter the homes. This will damage the walls and ceilings, thereby damaging the entire structure of the home. But if you have installed high-quality impact glass doors from a professional, the high-velocity winds cannot enter the homes. The special type of glass used in the impact doors prevents the winds from entering the homes, limiting the damages.

You can use single transparent glass surrounded by two transparent films on either side in the impact glass doors. This is economically viable and can effectively provide protection. When the homes are hit by high-velocity winds, the glass may get shattered but the two films on either side will hold the pieces together.

But the most commonly used type of impact glass doors is made from Polyvinyl Butaryl (PVB). This type of doors has two transparent glasses joined with a transparent film of PVB. In the case of hurricanes and thunderstorms, the high-velocity winds might shatter the glass but the transparent film will hold the glass pieces together, thus, preventing the winds from entering the homes.

Impact glass doors come in various sizes, shapes and designs and can be chosen according to the requirements of the home. They provide full value for money to the property owners. They are transparent so in case of power cut, they will provide natural lighting. It also protects the members from harmful UV rays. The insurance companies will be happy to give you offer on home insurance premiums. These doors also protect you and your family members from unnecessary intruders. Even if they shatter the glass, they cannot enter the homes. Impact glass doors should be the first priority while constructing the homes as they are strong and reliable and can protect you from high-velocity winds, UV rays and unwanted intruders.


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  • Braden Bills
    December 27, 2018, 4:00 pm REPLY

    I want to make sure that my home is safe from natural disasters. It makes sense that having impact glass for windows and doors would be important! I wouldn’t want to have to worry about them getting shattered by hurricanes or anything.

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