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Impact Glass Doors

Impact Glass Doors

Impact glass doors and windows have become a standard when constructing a building in South Florida. It’s because a devastating hurricane hit that region in 1992 and destroyed thousands of buildings and homes. As a result of that hurricane, hundreds of people lost their lives. Thus to cope with deadly hurricanes in the future, South Florida Government updated its building codes and declared it compulsory for all new businesses and homes to be constructed with storm and hurricane resistant materials. The South Florida building codes include everything from doors, roofs, and windows. These new codes increased the security and safety of the buildings.

Here it’s important to state that impact glass doors come in two forms. One of those forms is less costly and include doors that are enclosed with a clear film. Once the doors are impacted, they hold together the impact glass. This form of the impact-resistant door has been used for many years. Nowadays, a lot of technological advancements have been introduced that have made impact-resistant doors much better than years ago.

Today, the most commonly used type of glass is called inner-membrane glass. This glass comprises of 2 glass panels that are pressed together and have a transparent polyvinyl butaryl (PVB) film in between them. The PVB film holds together the glass so that it can avoid glass shattering. In case of impact glass shattering, the impact effect is scattered and the entire shock is taken by the glass. When hit by a storm or hurricane, the glass will break, but its thin PVB film will maintain the structure of the door. In this way, a real estate owner can avoid sucking out of air pressure that can otherwise damage the structure.

Impact glass doors are also the best as they keep you and your family secure during storms or strong winds.

Being a property owner, you will have complete peace of mind, even during harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, intruders will avoid entering your house or workplace if you have installed impact-resistant doors. It’s because these doors are stronger as compared to traditional doors and thus difficult to break by intruders.

Also, impact-resistant doors provide a blockade between harmful ultraviolet rays and residents. UV rays not only damage your skin but also make your building hot that will ultimately increase your energy bills. Your building will remain cool if you have installed impact glass doors, even if it’s scorching heat outside. The insurance premium of your property will also be decreased if that property has impact-resistant doors and windows.

Doralum takes pride in manufacturing impact glass doors and windows at a competitive price. All of our impact-resistant doors and windows are made with aluminum to ensure customer satisfaction. We are well aware of the needs of South Floridians that is why we manufacture high-quality impact glass windows and doors. We aim to protect families in our community by providing them with impact-resistant doors and windows that not only add beauty to a property but also ensure their safety.


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  • Tyler Johnson
    March 29, 2021, 4:18 pm REPLY

    That makes sense that they could give you peace of mind. I like the sound of that. I’ll have to consider getting impact-resistant sliding doors.

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