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Impact Doors

Impact Doors

Residential and commercial establishments in the coastal region are always at a loss because of harsh weather conditions. Frequent hurricanes and storms can damage the property easily, bringing huge losses to the property owners. Florida is such a state that has the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic on the other side. This makes the buildings vulnerable to damages due to frequent thunderstorms, hailstorms, etc.

To make sure that the high-velocity winds due to storms do not enter the homes and damage the structure, you need to install high-quality impact doors. Due to the regular occurrence of storms, The officials have set some guidelines for homes and offices. The owners should install effective and top quality impact resistant doors and windows to their property. Not only that, roofs, ceilings and walls should also be made of impact-resistant materials so that the damages will be limited during unforeseen circumstances.

While constructing your dream home, you should also think about its security. You need to ensure that burglars cannot enter your homes easily and take away valuable items. Impact doors are very reliable and strong, keeping away unnecessary intruders away from your property.

When normal doors are installed in your homes, there is always a risk of damages to the valuable items. This is because when storms hit the coastal region, the velocity of winds increases and easily enters your homes after damaging the doors of your home. This increases the pressure inside the home, damaging its whole structure. This also lifts the roof and pushes the walls outward in addition to shattering the glass doors and windows.

The impact doors will keep the high-velocity winds from entering the home, thus protecting your home from damages.

Types of Impact Doors

There are two kinds of impact doors that can be installed according to the needs and preference. The less expensive option comes as a single transparent glass covered by two transparent films on either side. During the storms or unnecessary intruding, even if the glass shatters, the film will hold the glass pieces together, preventing the winds from entering the homes.

There is another kind of impact door which is expensive than the former but more effective, called inner membrane glass. In this set-up, there are two laminated glass panels that are joined using polyvinyl butaryl. This thin transparent film keeps the two glass panels pressed against each other. In case of thunderstorms, when the glass shatters, the thin film will make sure that it holds the shattered glass pieces together and keep the high-velocity winds away, thus keeping the structure of the home intact.

The impact doors not only protect your home from storms but also offer various benefits. Your home will easily qualify to get discount on insurance premiums because of impact doors. It also keeps the home cool during summers and warm during winters, thus saving on utility bills. The impact doors also prevent sound from entering your home, keeping the noise level to a minimum. The safety of your home increases because the unwanted intruders cannot break the glass easily. Installing impact door is a must in these days as it gives your property an all-around protection.


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