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Hurricane Season Preparation: How to Protect Your Front Door?

Hurricane Season Preparation: How to Protect Your Front Door?

As storm season approaches, householders will do all possible to ensure that their property is safe. Do your windows have any cracks? Do you have the ability to eat and drink during hurricane season?

What is the condition of your shelter, and do you need anything for an emergency? Everything from stockpiling groceries to stocking up on propane and fuel for backup generators will be done by the clever homeowner.

Despite all of this planning, one important aspect of the house is sometimes overlooked: the front entrance. There are several types of doors like Verticale doors, Contempo, Colonial, Sorrento, etc. All these doors are specially built for hurricane protection.

Let’s take a glimpse at some of the precautions you can take to keep your front door safe during a storm.

How to Protect Your Front Door?

  • Preparation before the Storm

Regular maintenance is crucial to the safety of your property. Examine your front door. Are there any missing screws? How do your hinges appear? Check that every bolt is in place and that what is there is securely tightened.

Next, take a look at any glass on your door. You’ll want to make sure your entryway and windows are coated with wood and that any seams around the door’s border are well sealed.

Check your threshold and make sure it is securely fastened. After all, what good is a door if the entranceway to which it is linked fails? You can buy Verticale doors for better safety and durability.

Finally, purchase a deadbolt. When the winds and rains approach, you’ll want the extra protection of a one-inch deadbolt, and if you have a double door, acquire a sliding bolt to go across each of them for increased strength and security.

All of this is fantastic for your front door, but you should also think about the other entrances to your property.

What about the door to your garage? This serves as the front door for many people, and it is also a strong target for destruction in a large storm. You’ll want to use at least a 14 gauge track for your door and strengthen it with 2 x 4s to protect it from collapsing under the strain of the winds.

  • Preparation after the Storm

After the hurricane has gone, you should inspect your door for any harm to the entrance and the thresholds. Check to see if any screws were lost or if any of the glass in your door has been damaged.

If any portion of your door appears to be damaged, have it fixed as soon as possible. You’ll want to be certain that nothing goes unnoticed. After all, if there is a structural problem today, it might evolve into a big problem later on or during the next hurricane.

Bottom Line

Whenever it comes to the protection of your house, you don’t want to be caught off guard by a faulty entranceway.

Remember that if just one inch of floodwater enters your home, it may result in nearly $7,800 in property damage, so ensuring sure your entrances are safe is an important component of storm preparedness.

If you have any troubles regarding your doorways, contact professionals. Your house is your castle, and while paying this much care to your entrances may appear extravagant, it is still less expensive than the alternative.

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