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How to Measure for a Storm Door Installation: Do Verticale Doors Are a Perfect Fit?

How to Measure for a Storm Door Installation: Do Verticale Doors Are a Perfect Fit?

One of the best ways to increase the value of your property is to have it fitted with storm doors. They’ll look amazing and provide a high level of security.

As a bonus, storm doors will allow a lot more light into your home, making the darker areas more appealing and inviting.

Choosing the right storm door for your home is essential before installing any new ones or replacing any existing ones. The time and money you save by learning to measure a storm door for replacement correctly are well worth the effort.

Today, Doralum’s team will show you how to measure an impact door and whether verticale doors are worth it.

How to Measure for a Storm Door?

Before installing a storm door on your home, keep a few things in mind. Attention to the minor stuff may significantly impact in the long run. The following are a few suggestions:

See If There Are Any Obstructions:

Installing new storm doors might be complicated if the doorway is obstructed or challenging to work with during the measuring process. How do you do that? The following should be on your mind:

  • Ensure your door handles, mailbox, and external lights aren’t obstructing the installation of new doors by inspecting their locations. You may want to consider smaller door handles or repositioning your mailbox and exterior lights if they prevent the doors from shutting correctly or fully.
  • Having pillars in front of your property might impact the installation of storm doors. Your primary issue should be whether or not you can open the doors. This is also an excellent opportunity to select whether you want the handle on the right or left to open your doors.

Measure the height of the door:

You’ll then need to figure out the height of your doors. Do this three times, starting at the bottom threshold and working your way up to the header’s underside to make sure you have accurate measurements.

Stretch your measuring tape from the top of the threshold to the bottom of the external trim. You should also measure the door opening from the left, right, and middle and record your findings.

Measure the doors, and you should have three different measures, although it is generally the smaller one you need. For modern residences, the standard door size is 80″ to 81″; for older properties, the usual door size is 96″ to 97.”

Measure the doors’ width:

The door’s width should also be measured once the door’s height has been determined. To get accurate measures, you’ll need to measure from one side of a brick mold’s interior to the other.

Make sure you do this three times – once on each side of the door opening and once at the bottom. The smallest of the three measurements you receive should be used.

Estimate Final Door’s Measurements:

Once you’ve measured the door’s height and breadth, it’s time to estimate the door’s dimensions. What exactly does this mean, and how do I know? To find storm door sizes that match your specifications, you’ll need to write down the width and height of your doors in width x height format.

Here’s an example of how you should write down the measurements you need: 

If you have an opening of 37 inches by 81 inches, you will need to look at doors that measure 37 x 81 inches. If unsure about your dimensions, you may go through the procedure again to double-check.

Choose the Right Storm Door: Is Verticale Door Worth It?

Choosing storm doors for your house may be your trickiest chore. Measuring and locating a decent maker is easy, but picking a style from the company’s selections might be confusing.

Always consider the process’s practicality. A storm door protects your house and family from hurricanes and storms. We recommend you to try the verticale doors for your home. Why?

Modern Verticale doors are popular in Florida. Verticale doors improve a home’s appearance.

These impact-resistant doors include a vertical frame and impact-resistant glass. This door protects your house, family, and goods from solid winds.

Contact Doralum for Verticale Door Installation

Do you need a durable verticale impact door installation at your house? Don’t worry!

Call Doralum if you want to ensure everything is done correctly and the verticale door is appropriately placed.


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