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Full View Doors

Full View Doors

The door is the main entrance to your home that’s why you need to protect it to avoid any break-ins and damage from bad weather conditions and other natural hazards. So, how about protecting your entrance beautifully? Well, here at Doralum you can get full view doors in a variety of designs and colors. These doors are made with impact-resistant glass and aluminum frame. Their full view allows the home residents to enjoy the outside view and let the light in for easy seasonal ventilation.

Home is a huge investment that’s why it is important to maintain its value. The door is the very first thing that is observed by the visitors. So, you must have installed a modish entry door to please your guests. You will be happy to know that full view doors are an economical and quick way to add beauty and value to your home. By installing these doors, you or your family members won’t regret missing the lovely outside views during the spring season. Even you can watch your kids or pets playing outside the home.

Besides increasing the curb appeal of your home, full view doors also enhance the security of your home.

It’s because these doors are made with aluminum frames and have a full screen impact-resistant glass to protect against bad weather, such as storms and high-speed winds. Full view doors have heavy-duty weather stripping and thick frame that block out severe weather and give a firm seal to shut out drafts. Impact-resistant glass offers maximum protection from intruders.

The best thing about full view doors is that they follow local building codes so you don’t need to install accordions, storm panels, or other protective shields on your front door to meet the local building codes. These doors enclose a tear-resistant middle layer in between two glass panels. So, when wind-borne debris hit the full view door, its outermost layer may crack but the middle layer remains undamaged. In this way, wind-borne debris remains outside the home during bad weather conditions.

Full view doors have a low-E coating that can reduce heat loss and ultimately cut down your energy bills. Surveys have found that impact-resistant glass can decrease energy consumption by up to 40%. Furthermore, most of the insurance companies also offer discounts on insurance premiums for the properties that have impact doors and windows. In this way, you can save your money on insurance premiums by installing full view impact doors and windows in your home.

What we offer?

Here at Doralum, you can get full view doors in standard frame finishing. These frames are available in various colors, including black, bronze, clear, etc. Clients can also order powder coated colors according to the architecture of their property. The majority of our clients prefer 1/4” white or black laminated safety glass for their front door. However, customized glasses can also be ordered. The standard sizes of our full view doors are 16 × 7, 8 × 7, and 9 × 7 foot. Other door sizes can also be made as per the demand of our clients.


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