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  • What is the lead-time on orders?

    Standard sizes take approximately one week or may be in stock. Custom size doors and sidelites take two weeks. All impact orders take approximately 4 weeks.

  • Is it cheaper to go with Impact French Doors or Standard Type Doors with Shutters?

    If you are replacing windows and/or doors with a permit, Dade County requires you to either use (a) Impact windows and doors (which eliminates the need for storm shutters) or (b) Non-impact (Standard Type windows and Doors) that will require shutters. Impact Doors are approximately 3 times more expensive than Non-Impact. If you are undecided on whether to purchase Impact or Non-Impact (with shutters): Impact Doors are more expensive than Standard Non-Impact Doors with Panel shutters. If you choose to use Accordion-type shutters with your door, this is usually more expensive than going with Impact.

  • What other advantages are there to Doralum Impact-Resistant Doors?

    Besides the peace of mind of not having to put up panel shutters or plywood in the event of a hurricane, Doralum Impact-Resistant Doors help reduce outside sounds and traffic noise. Also, the same impact-resistant glass and heavy-duty construction that keeps flying objects from penetrating our doors in a hurricane provides a strong deterrent to intruders, thieves and vandals.

  • How do I measure my door opening?

    Window and door measurements are always taken from the outside (wall to wall) with the width being the first number.

  • Will Doralum manufacture a custom size door?

    Yes, we manufacture standard and custom size doors up to 72” wide and 96” high. If you’re opening is wider than 72”, we will manufacture Sidelites up to 48” in Non-Impact or 36” Impact.

  • Why is my Doralum door difficult to open or close?

    If properly installed, your Doralum Door should open and close easily. Contact us so we may refer you to a qualified installer who can make the necessary adjustments.

  • Can Doralum doors be made to open in?

    No, Dade County requires all exterior doors open out. Some people choose to invert our door so that it opens in. We don’t recommend this since the screws will be exposed on the outside and rainwater will seep into the house from the outside.

  • On Double Doors, can I choose which is the active door?

    Yes, the active door can be left or right (when viewed from the outside). The active door is the panel that has the hardware (handle and deadbolt).

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