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Everything You Need to Know About Sorrento Entry Doors

Everything You Need to Know About Sorrento Entry Doors

Entrances must be both beautiful and protective: while they are the first thing guests see about your property, they are also the first line of defense against break-ins and burglars.

Doralum manufactures doors that you can trust — with either an outside brick mould and corrosion-safe composite edge or a PVC vinyl-covered aluminum outline.

Moreover, your entry door will be protected from all angles, and hardware completes the defense and appearance of our doors.

Doralum’s doors are entirely hand-stained, and all stained glass pieces are designed by actual artisans, giving our doors a hand-crafted quality that anyone can appreciate.

We provide a wide range of stain and glass options to ensure that your doors blend in with the rest of your property. Let’s discuss Sorrento Doors which last long.

Choosing Patio Sorrento Doors for Your Home

While not as visible as the main door, Patio doors must be secure, user-friendly, and long-lasting.

Badly constructed patio doors can quickly rust and creak with continuous use. Because of its weather stripping and double-chamber construction, our Doralum patio doors can withstand ordinary wear and tear as well as adverse weather conditions.

With Doralum’s assistance, the patio doors on your Sorrento house can be smooth and trustworthy.

Our configuration likewise makes them an energy-proficient answer for your home!

Storm Doors in Sorrento that are Long-Lasting

As a Miami-based company, Doralum understands how critical it is to safeguard your property from any form of extreme weather that may occur. Any home in our hurricane-prone zone must have a truly effective storm door.

Doralum storm doors are reinforced with an extruded aluminum frame and tempered safety glass. Tempered safety glass is similar to that found on most car windshields, so you can rest assured that your storm door is built to withstand the elements.

Even though these are very effective doors, your Sorrento doors can be personalized to complement your home’s design and color scheme. To keep your doors looking good, we provide various color and style options.

The nicest part about Sorrento doors is that they can be ordered with sidelines, as a single door, or as a double door. You can also have them tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The impact glass is sturdy enough to mitigate the effects of flying debris. The glass consists of a double-glazed pane linked to an aluminum or hardwood frame to offer optimum strength.

Bottom Line

Beautiful, safe, high-quality doors that will last a lifetime are necessary for a well-built house. Contact Doralum today to learn more about our Sorrento doors & other improvement services.


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