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Different Types of Impact Door Styles in 2021

Different Types of Impact Door Styles in 2021

You may believe that an impact door must be composed of solid steel to resist severe winds and flying debris. However, impact doors have the same intrinsic benefits as impact windows.

That’s especially crucial if you’re thinking about installing a patio door or sliding glass door in your house, as they include a lot of glass and must be entirely waterproof to ensure safety.

Say goodbye to heavy shutters; impact doors, despite their high glass content, are highly sturdy. This is because the impact glass used in a sliding glass door, for example, can withstand the nine-pound impact of a 2X4 piece of lumber thrown at more than 30 miles per hour.

There are many styles in the impact glass door like vertical doors, contemporary, cosmopolitan, etc. In this context, we will learn about them in detail.

Popular Types of Impact Glass Door Styles

  • Verticale Impact Doors

Verticale doors are the most popular style of impact glass doors. This particular style is trendy in the USA. Unfortunately, non-impact windows are not as resistant to wind, rain, and projectiles as impact windows are.

Weak, ineffective windows might be the difference between family safety and goods being preserved and calamity occurring.

So you can choose a vertical style door to make your house more beautiful and protected from various natural disasters.

  • Contemporary Styles

You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for safety; impact doors usually get the highest NFRC and Energy Star ratings in both residential and commercial environments. Still, they also come in a range of designs and materials.

They look fantastic and genuinely shine in terms of energy efficiency.

  • Doors Made of Metal

For the country’s most hurricane-prone areas, stainless steel or aluminum metal doors might be good options. These are resistant to high winds, storms, and even the flying debris that tornadoes produce.

In terms of texture, steel doors may truly mimic the appearance of the selected wood grain. Steel doors are often chosen for security reasons, but they’re gaining appeal among homeowners since they require minimal maintenance and may be readily fitted with bonded hinges and holdfasts.

  • Fiberglass Doors

Designers and manufacturers enjoy working with fiberglass because it molds quickly and allows them to create whatever design they choose. So you may have the door frame of your dreams without having to worry about it becoming deformed or bent over time. Bonus? Fiberglass is also relatively simple to clean.

A fiberglass wood frame may boost curb appeal and provide wonderfully genuine mahogany or maple tones to your home, whether you desire a single fiberglass front door or two doors that swing-out.

Employing impact glass in a fiberglass door provides all of the weather protection you’ll need.

  • Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass entryways are well known in tropical spaces of the country since they consider smooth progress between your open-air and inside rooms. Effect sliding glass entryways give energy effectiveness, security, normal light, and an astonishing degree of customization.

  • The French Doors

Millions of homeowners consider French doors an appealing aesthetic option, whether purchasing a new house or renovating an existing one. The good news is that French doors are far more inexpensive, adaptable, and durable than you may think.

Impact French doors can be utilized to provide a barrier between the inside and porches, verandas, pool areas, and patios. They may also be used to divide two interior rooms in order to optimize space.

  • Cabana Doors

Cabana entryways are accessible in single or twofold entryway styles and are expected for patios or carports. 

It might have all the earmarks of being a minor detail, yet coordinating with the entryway with a hidden climate strip and thin handle might have a binding effect in quality.

  • Entryway Doors

Doorways can be front entryways, back entryways, or side entryways, and they can be made of an assortment of materials (fiberglass, metal, or wood). Ensure that your entrance entryways have a layer of covered glass to guarantee that they are weatherproof.

Bottom Line

Impact windows and doors are built with heavy-duty frames composed of vinyl or aluminum, and each might have an interior laminated layer to safeguard your property.

If you desire to identify how to secure your home before the next hurricane season hits the Miami region, go to Doralum.


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  • Mia Evans
    February 14, 2023, 9:11 am REPLY

    It’s interesting to know that the fiberglass wood frame can boost the appeal of your property with nice tones such as mahogany or maple. I would suggest this to my husband now that we need a door contractor service this year. It’s to replace the original material in the house we bought, so our preferences will finally give personality to the property according to our likes.

  • Elle Jones
    February 16, 2023, 10:38 am REPLY

    I want to ensure the house is secure because I have a house built in a region that might experience storms. I’m delighted you mentioned that impact windows and doors may have an interior laminated layer to protect your property and are constructed with heavy-duty frames made of vinyl or aluminum. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind. It’s wonderful to know that there are windows that can endure significant strikes from strong winds and flying debris.

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