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Custom Glass Windows

Custom Glass Windows

Replacing old windows will not just beautify your home, but will also make it much quieter and less stormy. Nowadays, you can find home windows in various designs and styles. However, the most popular of them are custom glass windows. The glass windows are available in various forms i.e. decorative glass windows, triple-pane replacement windows, and double-pane replacement windows.

Let’s have a look at these custom glass windows in detail.

Decorative glass windows

These types of windows will maintain privacy in your home, besides adding a great look to your house. The best thing about these windows is that they not only add beauty to your home but will also allow the light to come to your house. Make sure to choose a glass with at least 9 obscurity rating so that no one can see from outside, however, you can see everything from inside. Here at Doralum, you can get decorative glass windows in several designs and shapes.

Double-pane windows

As the name suggests, double-pane windows are created with two panes of glasses. These windows are a great option to replace the old windows in your home. They can resist any climate and weather. Consider those double-pane windows that have the ability to block deadly ultraviolet rays and can control glare in sunny, bright climates. Their low-profile design has the potential to add appeal and value to your house.

Another thing that you must look in double-pane windows for your house includes their ability to retain more heat during winters and reflect heat during summers. Moreover, your chosen double-pane windows must be multilayer and has a low-E soft-coat so that they can avert seal failure while stopping the transfer of heat in the meantime. You will be happy to know that Doralum also sells low-E, double-pane custom glass windows at the most affordable price.

Triple-pane windows

These types of windows are made with three glass panes. They are the best for extreme weather conditions. In comparison to double-pane windows, these windows are more opposing to condensation. Plus, they also have the capacity to significantly decrease the noise coming from outside as they contain an additional layer of glass pane and insulation.

If you are living nearby busy streets or highway roads, then triple-pane windows are ideal for your home. As already mentioned, triple-pane windows have an extra layer of glass that is why they are 20- 25% more costly than double-pane windows. It means you have to spend more money to install triple-pane windows in your house.

If you want to buy triple-pane windows, then make sure they have at least two low-E, soft coat layers. Low-E coating is a microscopically thin layer of metallic oxide that is applied on windows for vanquishing radiative heat flow. Moreover, prefer buying high-quality triple-pane glass windows so that they can last for a longer time. At Doralum, you can purchase triple-pane windows in many sizes and shapes. It is completely the choice of customers that which size and shape they would like to be made on order.


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  • Zachary Tomlinson
    January 19, 2021, 12:22 am REPLY

    I find it amazing to learn that there are triple-pane windows that can help protect your home from harsh weather effects. My friend is looking for ideas on how to storm-proof his new home. I should share this with him so he can start protecting his valuables using replacement windows!

  • Shaylee Packer
    January 28, 2021, 2:05 pm REPLY

    It was mentioned that double paned windows can resist any climate and weather. My aunt recently moved to Alaska, and wants to make sure that her windows can help keep out the cold weather. I will have to let her know that it may be a good idea to look into double paned windows.

  • Eli Richardson
    April 7, 2021, 2:26 pm REPLY

    It’s awesome that you talked about custom glass windows and their features. Recently, my wife and I started to renovate our home’s appearance. We want to improve its exterior as well, and we really liked the idea of changing its windows, so we’ll be sure to read your piece thoroughly. Thanks for the advice on how a double-pane window comes with long-lasting characteristics.

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