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Custom Glass Doors

Custom Glass Doors

A home improvement project is considered to be perfect if it adds value and beauty to the property. Homeowners opt for home improvements to improve their living experience. One of the commonly adopted home improvement projects is replacing the traditional wooden doors with custom glass doors. These types of doors will allow the home residents to enjoy living in their house. They can enjoy the outside view while having a hot coffee in their lounge.

Besides letting the home residents enjoy the natural beauty of the world, there are several other benefits of installing custom glass doors, such as protection against storms, intruders, ultraviolet rays, etc. Also, these types of doors are durable and require less maintenance in comparison to traditional doors. But to avail of all these benefits, it is important to select a professional custom glass door manufacturer who can design the door as per your specific needs.

Here at Doralum, you can find a team of experts who is well versed in manufacturing high-quality custom glass doors. All you need to do is to let them know about your requirements to get your desired glass doors.

Benefits of installing custom glass doors

Custom glass doors by Doralum are a perfect addition to your house. Here is a list of some key advantages of installing these doors.

       1. Durable

It’s important to consider the safety features while adding something new to your home. Security is particularly essential when adding new doors at the entry points. For homeowners considering replacing their traditional door with a custom glass door, durability is the top priority. The glass of the door should be strong enough to withstand impact of bad weather conditions or break-ins.

Fortunately, Doralum uses strong, impact-resistant glass that goes through different processes like heat-soaking, heat strengthening, toughening, and lamination. This type of glass is made of several panes that are firmly joined together. These panes are combined together so firmly that they do not shatter apart in case of breakage. Impact-resistant glass also contains a thin layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) in between the panes to provide further strength. If in case a high-speed wind hits the glass door, it will not smash into pieces and will prevent damage to the home interior and residents.

       2. Low maintenance cost

Though the initial cost of installing custom glass doors may be high than traditional doors, but their maintenance cost is quite low. The impact glass is imperishable, doesn’t wrap, and neither prone to termites’ damage or wood rot. Also, it can be cleaned easily as compared to a wooden surface.

       3. Energy efficiency

Impact glass doors are the best insulators and can help reduce your energy costs. A custom glass door will keep your house warm in winters and cool in summers. Additionally, they can be fixed with composite gaskets for providing optimum thermal insulation.

       4. Increase home’s value

Whether you are planning to sell your house now or later, a custom glass door can greatly boost its value by:

  • Providing more protection and security from the elements
  • Enhancing the view
  • Optimizing the open floor plan
  • Lowering the energy and maintenance costs


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  • Braden Bills
    May 11, 2021, 2:48 pm REPLY

    I want to make sure that I get the right door for my patio. I didn’t know that glass door could be so durable! They would add a lot of environment for my kitchen, too.

  • Eli Richardson
    June 29, 2021, 2:30 pm REPLY

    It’s great that you talked about how a new door increases a home’s value. Recently, my wife and I decided we want to upgrade our home. We’d like to start with our patio doors and the bathroom ones, so we’ll be sure to look at glass ones. Thanks for the information on glass doors and how they could improve a home.

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