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Cosmopolitan Doors

Cosmopolitan Doors

The door is an integral part of any property and it is the first thing that is noted by your guests during their visit. So, it is essential that you install a unique and high-quality door, which will not only provide security to your property but also increase the aesthetic value of it. These days, uPVC doors are highly popular among the masses because of its various features and benefits. These doors are highly weather resistant and hence, they are an ideal choice for the people in Florida. Cosmopolitan is one of the leading brands, which make stylish residential door panels. They create long lasting impression because of their stylish design and are secure like any other type of door.

Cosmopolitan uses toughened glass in all its doors and it has some fantastic techniques to offer brilliant glass door designs. All the Cosmopolitan glass doors conform to BSI kitemark, offering unrivalled security to the property. They offer numerous design choices to the customers, ranging from classic to contemporary, for enhancing the look of the home.

Cosmopolitan consist of contemporary door designs combined with skilled craftsmanship and years of research and development.

With over 140 unique designs to choose from, customers can enhance the overall look of the home using Cosmopolitan door panels. All the doors from Cosmopolitan are a result of skilled craftsmanship and years of research and development.

The different designs from Cosmopolitan consist of contemporary door designs that include Ayres and Madeira and traditional classics like Cannes, Verona and Seville. You can also choose Napoli design that is popular for its stylish curves. It is the most popular and intricate design that feature around 30 crystal glass bevels used on a bluechip glass. If you are looking for a modern door, there are also glass designs that blend the bluechip with glass and lead bevels.

Cosmopolitan Doors Design Range

The Perfection

The Perfection range from Cosmopolitan features real glass bevels, providing beautiful effects for your home. It is a contemporary range for brightening up exterior as well as the interior of the homes. It allows enough light into the homes through its stylish glass door designs. It has an innovative design wherein the glass bevels are embedded within the sealed glass and this gives protection from decaying and staining. The real glass panels allow light into the homes and the toughened glass provides complete privacy to the homeowners without obstruction of light. You have an option to choose from multiple designs and finishes that include white, light oak, mahogany and rosewood.

The Impression

If you are looking for a close match to traditional timber, Cosmopolitan has an Impression range for creating an ever-lasting impression. It comes with inverted mouldings on all its door styles for replicating the traditional timber doors. The options include white, light oak, mahogany and rosewood.

Heat Shield

Cosmopolitan has inducted a unique technology into the doors known as Heat Shield, which effectively arrests warping. This technology reduces the heat absorbed by the doors made from the uPVC material. This protects the door from getting discoloured and cracked.

Cosmopolitan doors are stylish and secure and greatly enhance the overall look of your home. These doors are thermally very much efficient, thereby bringing down the energy loses. The panels by Cosmopolitan can be tailor-made according to the requirements. You can choose from a variety of glass designs and wood material to match the overall structure of your home.


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