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Contempo Doors

Contempo Doors

Installing impact doors in your Florida home is a good idea because nasty storms can occur at any time in this Sunshine State. Even in the winter season, the violent storms can occur and damage the properties, bringing huge losses. The impact doors and windows provide huge value to your property. The benefits of the impact doors easily outweigh their costs as they protect you and your home from regular hurricanes and storms. If you are thinking that impact doors are too expensive then it is just a myth as these technological marvels are designed to keep your homes and offices safe from stormy winds.

If you want to make sure that the stormy winds do not enter your home then you must install impact glass doors. The impact doors can be customized according to the requirements. The impact doors come in various styles that will give your home a beautiful look. They are Full View, Colonial, Cosmopolitan, Contempo, Infinity, Sorrneto and Verticale.

Contempo Doors

Contempo doors are widely preferred by the homeowners as they give maximum protection without obstructing the natural light in your home. If you are looking to customize the impact door design for your home then Contempo is the style to be preferred. They can be used as a single door, double door or even sidelites. In this style, four glasses are arranged in each door with wood separating each glass. These types of doors are sturdy, durable and give maximum protection to the property.

The Contempo doors can be installed during the construction of your home or even in older homes depending on the structure and architecture of the home. The hurricanes are common in the state of Florida and thus, the impact doors and windows are vital for protecting your homes and commercial establishments. When normal doors are used in a home, the stormy winds, during thunderstorms, can easily break the glass windows and doors and enter your home. Even the roofs and walls get displaced, thereby damaging the structure of your home.
When the Contempo doors are installed, the high-velocity winds will be blocked. This will help in the protection of lives and property during hurricanes and storms. The impact doors are designed to withstand the strong and high-velocity winds and blows from debris that get strewn during a hurricane. The doors basically become an impenetrable barrier, thus giving you peace of mind during untoward circumstances.

The Contempo doors also keep the unwanted intruders away from your home as two glass panels are pressed together with a thin transparent film in between. Even if the glass shatters, the thin film will hold the pieces, keeping the burglars from entering the home. The Contempo doors also help in keeping the house cool during summer and warm during winter. You get a nice discount on insurance premiums when the officers see that you have taken much care and installed impact doors. If you live in Florida then installing a customized impact door is a necessity to get all-round protection for your homes and offices.


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