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Contempo Doors

Contempo Doors

The front door reflects the design and architecture of your home. Furthermore, it also protects your home belongings from extreme weather conditions. But all types of front doors cannot protect your home from severe weather conditions such as winds, hurricanes, rain, etc. So, you must opt for impact-resistant doors to have complete peace of mind, even during the hurricane season.
At Doralum, impact doors are sold in various styles, including Contempo Doors, Cosmopolitan Doors, Colonial Doors, Sorrento Doors, Infinity Doors, Sorrento Doors, Modena Doors, Paired Vents, Quadra Doors, etc. It means homeowners will have a lot of choice for their front door as they can choose any of these styles. Unlike other impact door manufacturers, Doralum offers a broad selection of designs, finishes, and styles without compromising the quality. So, you don’t need to worry about the strength of your doors.

If you want to delight your guests then go for Contempo doors, which not just make your home look beautiful but also protect it against harsh weather conditions. Contempo doors are impact-resistant doors that provide several benefits to the homeowners. These doors come with impact-resistant properties and will decorate the exterior of your home. No matter whether you want a double-sided or single-sided Contempo door, you can rely on Doralum.

Importance of Installing Contempo Doors

There are several advantages of installing Contempo doors. Some of these benefits are stated below.

Beautify your home’s exterior

The front door allows guests to enter your home and it can play a central role in delighting your guests. Also, the overall look of your home can be enhanced if you install a stylish front door. Contempo doors can make your home look beautiful and your guests will love to visit your house. Presentation is significant, but safety is also important. These two are the key reasons to install impact-resistant doors. Here at Doralum, you can also get customized impact doors according to your house architecture and design.

Hurricane protection

Impact-resistant doors are resilient and strong, and a well-manufactured sturdy front door can withstand 210 to 390 miles per hour winds. Having installed a sturdy contempo door at your home’s entrance will keep you and your family safe inside the home. The contempo doors fulfill the requirements of Florida State and Miami-Date County. Plus, they are also durable and long-lasting as compared to ordinary front doors.

Crime protection

You will be glad to know that repetitive smashing, pushing, and banging cannot shatter or bust the glass of contempo doors. Doralum takes pride in the strength of its front doors because they are well aware of the importance of home safety. Contempo doors are designed in a manner that burglars cannot break through them. So, you and your family will be secure in your home and there will be no need to invest in security guards or cameras.

Noise reduction

Is your home located on the highway road? Are you fed up with the traffic noise? If ‘yes’, then nothing to worry as contempo doors will help reduce the outside home.


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