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Colonial Doors

Colonial Doors

The colonial style is a vital part of architecture in America and depending on the weather conditions and the materials available; every part of this country has its own design and interpretation. This style was brought by the Europeans when they came and settled in the New World, which is now called the United States of America. The European colonists constructed new homes in foreign lands using the same design they had left behind in their native places. However, the structures were altered to suit the conditions of regions where they built. The colonial style became very popular in this region because it favored simple design and gave a lot of importance to the craftsmanship.

The door remains one of the focal points of the home so it is vital that the door must be appropriate to the style and design of the home. When you select the door of your home, make sure that you be true to your home’s style. American colonial homes are very popular even today and hence you can find numerous styles of colonial doors available. The colonial homes are made in different styles based on the region and its climate but what remains common is that they have symmetrical design and steep roofs. Some of the other notable features in the colonial homes are as follows.

  • They have only two stories
  • One chimney in the center or symmetrically placed chimneys
  • The staircase just behind the entrance
  • Gable roof
  • Entrance exactly at the center in the front
  • Sides made with brick or white clapboard
  • Decorative molding above the entry

After knowing the architectural design of the colonial home, it is easy to select the colonial door that will be an exact fit for your dream home. When you choose the right door, it will give you and your family members the needed confidence, comfort and security. The colonial doors can be of panels or glass or can also be a combination of both. They can be designed as per your specific requirements so that the design and style are exactly what you need in the door of your house.

Different Types of Colonial Doors

The different types of colonial doors depend on the region and era where the people came from. For instance, the colonial Georgian style homes were popular during the rule of King George I and III in England.

  • The colonial Georgian style doors come with 1-6 rectangular panels. They are either white in colour or in a lighter tone, contrasting the rest of the home
  • The colonial Dutch style doors are divided horizontally at the middle with top and bottom doors opening separately
  • The colonial German style doors are mostly asymmetrical, unlike doors from other colonial styles. The style is unique as it uses half-timber with stonework and the entrance always opens up to the kitchen

While there are no limits to select the type of door for your home, colonial doors will be perfectly suitable for the old architectural style of your home. You can also combine the doors with one pair of sidelites in a symmetrical manner to give it a rich yet traditional look.


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