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Colonial Doors

Colonial Doors

The door is an important part of a home as it provides entry and exit to you, your family members, and guests. It is important to choose a sturdy door that can provide complete security. Besides being strong, your entrance door should also have an attractive design that can grasp the attention of your guests. You can find a number of options for your residential door, but choosing the best among them is a tough decision. You have to pay attention to the style, architecture, and type of the door when making a buying decision. The right residential door will provide you confident and safety. Here in the United States, the most popular door design is Colonial Doors. These doors were introduced by Europeans at the time of their migration in the U.S.

According to over the past few years, the architecture and style of the houses have changed based on the area where they were constructed. Since the migration of Europeans, colonial doors have remained famous throughout the U.S. because of their unique style. Nowadays, you can get colonial doors in several sizes and designs based on the architecture and style of the house. You can give a historic and fresh appearance to your house by installing an alluring colonial door. These types of doors have simple lines that are equally spaced. You can also customize a colonial door as per your choice to make it look beautiful.

The feature that makes colonial houses unique from other homes is their symmetrical shape.

The architecture of colonial houses has changed to a great extent over time and that also happened with colonial doors. Different colonies had selected a different style of home and door during their settlement in the U.S. For example, doors made with solid wood were used by the early colonials. These doors had symmetrically-placed panels without glass. On the other hand, the traditional doors are made with an arch and pilasters. Also, they can be joined with sidelites that are arranged on both sides of the door.

During the nineteenth century, romantic-styled glass doors became famous, including Italianate, shingle, Gothic, etc. These doors were manufactured with glass panels and included two doors rather than a single door. These doors either included oval or rectangle shape glass and etched or stained. With the passage of time, the styles of doors became simple by using a few glass panels. One of those door styles included 6 glass panes above and 2 wooden panels below. Those doors provided enhanced privacy and safety to homeowners.

In this modern era, the door designs have changed. The rails and stiles of doors have vanished and been replaced with low-cost materials. These doors have asymmetrical sidelite for making them eye-catching. Today, homeowners like to install stylish yet strong doors that use either stained or colored glass panes. Here at Doralum, you can get customized colonial doors as per the structure and style of your house. These doors can be manufactured in any shape and size to fulfill your requirements. So, call us today and book a custom order for your residential door.


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