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Colonial Doors

Colonial Doors

Impact doors have become the standard building code when constructing a building in and around South Florida. No matter whether you are building a home, apartment, or office in that region, you are required to install impact doors. In 1992, a severe hurricane hit that region and caused damage to thousands of residential and commercial buildings. Moreover, hundreds of people also lost their life. As a result of this destruction, South Florida Government updated its building codes and necessitated the real estate owners to make their property storm and hurricane resistant. Besides using impact doors, property owners are also required to use weather-resistant roofs and windows. The reason behind updating the building codes is to enhance the security and safety of building structures.

Besides your property’s security, you also need to consider the architecture and style of your building when choosing the exterior/front door. Here it’s important to state that the front door is the very first thing that is observed by the visitors, therefore, you should install a strong, yet eye-catching door. In the United States, colonial doors have gained much popularity among homeowners. The colonial style door was introduced by Europeans upon their migration to U.S. Europeans didn’t forget their traditions and ensured to use the same colonial design when constructing their house. Here at Doralum, colonial doors are available in different sizes and designs to match the architectural design of the client’s home. You can give a beautiful, historic appearance to your house by installing colonial doors.

The symmetrical feature of a colonial door makes it distinctive among other impact doors.

Over the years, the styles of doors have changed to a greater extent as the colonies evolved. Solid wood doors without glass were used during the early colonials and they had symmetrical panels. They also included attached sidelites on each side of the door.

Later in the 19th century, the Italianate romantic-styled doors got the fame that entails impact glass. That glass was either oval or rectangle and etched or stained. After that, the colonial doors become simpler with fewer panels. In the current era, the doors’ designs evolved with no rails and stiles. Also, the modern era doors include asymmetrical sidelite for making them look attractive.

Nowadays, majority of the homeowners prefer using glass panes in their front door as it looks more beautiful. You will be glad to know that Doralum offers both stained and colored glass panes for the colonial doors. You can get these doors in a variety of designs and sizes. Don’t forget to consider the architecture of your house while selecting the design of your colonial door. No need to worry about the size and fitting of your selected impact door as Doralum can manufacture colonial doors in various sizes. We can also custom-make a colonial door as per the requirement of the client. So, be creative when choosing the design of your door to delight your visitors.


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