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Colonial Doors

Colonial Doors

A door is the first thing that comes in direct contact with a person who visits your home. So, what if your door is old-fashioned and gives an awful look to your house? Of course, that would be embarrassing for you. Believe me, there are several advantages of replacing existing doors with impact-resistant colonial doors. The impact-resistant doors not just protect your home against severe weather conditions, but also give an alluring look to your house. They also provide protection from intruders so you can keep your valuable belongings safe at home.

Homeowners will be glad to know that impact-resistant doors are available in various styles. Some of the widely used impact glass doors are Colonial Doors, Verticale Doors, Cosmopolitan Doors, Contempo Doors, Sorrento Doors, Modena Doors, Quadra Doors, Full View Doors, Modern Classic Series, Paired Vents, and Infinity Doors. Here at Doralum, you can find all these styles of impact doors. So, you can choose any of these designs as per the architecture of your house.

Colonial doors are often bought by those homeowners who have colonial style homes and looks great in your living room. These types of impact doors are famous for their versatility and elegance. These doors use decorative molding to make them look stylish. So, they can make your house look attractive to the visitors. Here it is important to state that you can use colonial doors either as an entry door or as a passage door for connecting your outdoor and indoor living space. When a colonial door is used as an entrance door, it provides an aesthetically impressive entry.

A colonial style door comes with raised panels to make it easily recognizable. This type of door usually has vertical panels that float between stiles and rails. You can get these panels in different shapes and sizes according to your home design. However, a five-panel colonial door is frequently used. These doors use impact-resistant glass that allows light to penetrate inside the house. You can also ask the manufacturer to use colored glass inside the colonial door to make it look more appealing.

Colonial doors are available in wood, aluminum, and fiberglass so you have so many options to enhance the appearance of your entrance.

When you search for colonial doors, you can find hundreds of door manufacturers. But you must be careful in choosing the most reliable manufacturer of impact doors. Make sure you buy colonial doors from a manufacturer that has years of experience in this industry. In this way, you would be able to get high-quality impact doors. Doralum has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing impact-resistant doors and windows. Their doors not only protect your house from adverse weather damage but also make it secure from burglars and save your money on energy bills.

Why choose Doralum when buying colonial doors?

  • Affordable and long-lasting impact doors
  • Use Miami-Dade County approved impact glass
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Specialization in impact doors
  • Offer contemporary style colonial doors
  • Also offer installation service upon request


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