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Colonial Doors

Colonial Doors

Building a home means a lot, therefore, it is necessary to build a home that is durable. There are a lot of challenges that a house must has to endure, and it can only go through such phases if the material is of good quality. When you move into a different location such as Florida State, you will have to know the weather conditions and make home improvements accordingly. Usually, Florida has tropical weather and it is mostly known as the sunshine state. Winds can be pleasant and stormy at the same time. In such places, the concept of building a home that can endure the crazy storms is more important because everyone wants to be safe in their homes. To aware people, different companies like Doralum have been working here to offer options to homeowners to upgrade their homes with the latest gear.

Through many years, people here have the damage that these winds and storms can do to your home. Broken glass doors and windows are the basic damage of any storm here. But since the invention of impact glass windows, this issue has been dropped out as this is a safer option for those who live in coastal areas. So, if you just moved to Florida and looking to do a few improvements for your home, consider Doralum as your expert in windows and glass doors and windows.

Colonial doors have become major American architectural design for homes.

Once you decide to finally upgrade the windows and doors of your home, then you need to do a little research on what are your options. Companies like Doralum has a broad range of designs of windows and panels for you to choose from. They offer different designs like Verticale Doors, Colonial Doors, Infinity Doors, and Sorrento Doors and windows style include Cosmopolitan, Contempo, Full View, and Modena style. Here, in this blog, we are going to have a little discussion about Colonial doors and windows.

The colonial doors are referred to the British colonial styled that was opted by the first-ever settlements in America. It was a lot for them to leave everything and get settled in a new world, so these colonial styled homes reminded them of their home back in Germany, Britain, France, Spain, and Netherland. This colonial-doors style was actually inspired by the British Isles and became Colonial Georgian Style. This colonial style is now a major American architectural design for homes. This Colonial Georgian style was built with actual bricks back in England when George VII was on the throne but in America, this style is made through wood planks. With wooden trims, wooden panels, and wooden columns, they make the whole door.

These days, you can have these doors and install another impact glass door on the outside to protect them from rainy weather. You can also choose a different material that is weather-protected. Ideally, maple timber is best but there are the options for Bevel glass, Seedy Wash glass, Oak leather, Pampas leather, or walnut wood. Despite the weather protective material, you can have extra hurricane shutters during the storm season.


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