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Colonial Doors

Colonial Doors

After choosing the right design for your home, you have to select an exclusive and unique exterior door for it. While choosing the door, you have to keep in mind that there are various options available to you. You have to consider the style, type and architecture of the door during its selection. The right door can make you feel confident and will give you the utmost comfort and security. One of the most common house designs in the US is colonial design. This style of architecture was brought in by Europeans when they migrated and settled here. While constructing the home, they made sure to use the same design that they left in their native lands.

However, the style and architecture of the homes were changed depending on the region they were built in and the availability of the materials. Since their settlement, the colonial style homes are very popular and a lot of people in the US use this style while constructing their homes. So, the colonial doors of various designs and sizes are available today to suit the style and architecture of the home.

The colonial doors can be designed according to the style and structure of the home.

If you have chosen the colonial style of architecture for your home, it is important that you choose an appropriate door according to its style. Give a fresh and historic look to your home by using a beautiful colonial door. Colonial style doors come with simple lines with equal proportions but majorly it gives importance to craftsmanship.

The most notable feature of the colonial homes is that they are entirely symmetrical. The styles of homes and most importantly the doors changed over time when different colonies came to settle. The early colonials used doors of solid wood without glass and the doors also had symmetrically placed panels. The traditional style doors are decorated with pilasters and an arch. They can also be combined with sidelites arranged on either side of the door.

In the 19th century, romantic-styled doors were popular that included Italianate, Gothic, shingle, etc. Instead of wooden panels, glass was used in the doors and the style from this era favours a pair of doors instead of a single door. The glass shape used in these doors can be a rectangle or oval and stained or etched.

As the time passed, the door styles became simple and fewer panels were used unlike in the earlier eras. One of the important designs that were introduced at that time had doors with six panes of glass above and two wood panels below. It provided security and privacy to the house owner.

The designs of the doors evolved and in the modern era, the stiles and rails disappeared and replaced with inexpensive materials. The doors also combined with the asymmetrical sidelite to make it more attractive. There are many more styles like Gregorian, German and Dutch with each having unique designs and features.

The construction of doors has become style-oriented and most of the owners use glass panes, either coloured or stained. The colonial doors can be designed according to the style and structure of the home. They can be made in various sizes and shapes to fit the facade. So, open up your creative mind and create an exciting and unique colonial door for your home.


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