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Are Sorrento Doors Worth It?

Are Sorrento Doors Worth It?

Sorrento Doors is a manufacturer of hurricane doors. It makes it possible for homeowners to build their houses with the strength to withstand high wind speeds and water pressure.

Sorrento doors come with a high weight capacity, making it easy for people who have fallen victim to hurricanes in the past. They are also flexible, durable, and repel water.

Doralum is here to explain is Sorrento Doors worth it or not?

Why Sorrento?

Hurricane doors are available from Sorrento Doors and can resist gusts of up to 250 miles per hour. These doors allow people to live safely at the time of a hurricane.

Sorrento Doors are an award-winning, self-closing door system tested up to 250 miles per hour. It has installed over 30,000 entries across various locations like Puerto Rico and Hawaii to help with reconstruction after devastating hurricanes like Hurricane Maria or Hurricane Katrina.

Sorrento Doors are ideal for the harsh conditions of hurricanes. So, it is the best door to buy for the next hurricane season.

Are Sorrento Doors Worth it?

If a hurricane of category 3 or higher were to strike, the doors and windows of your Sorrento home would be safe from harm. Products come with a lifetime guarantee as well. Here are some reasons to consider a Sorrento door:

Reason 1:

Sorrento has been designing, manufacturing, and selling hurricane doors since 1975. Their doors are used in schools, universities, hospitals, museums, military bases, and government facilities worldwide.

Sorrento offers excellent design options for its customers when choosing the type of door they need for their specific needs. However, the company also provides custom installation services for its customers without space for a massive door installation.

Reason 2:

Sorrento doors have been rated as one of the top hurricane protection products for several years. For example, in 2016, Sorrento Doors was awarded the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Quality Award for Hurricane Protection.

Sorrento Doors have maintained its reputation as a high-quality product. Many large companies have also implemented them to provide adequate hurricane protection for their homes.

Reason 3:

Hurricanes are tough on businesses and homes alike. Sorrento is a company that manufactures and installs hurricane-proof doors, in addition to other products.

They are engineered with advanced technology to keep you safe during the next hurricane. Sorrento has been awarded many top industry accolades, including ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Reason 4:

Sorrento Doors enhance your home or business’s storm protection for around $4,000 per door and $3,000 for installation. Benefits of Sorrento Doors include improved safety, energy efficiency, and more stylish looks that most traditional doors offer.

Final Verdict

You won’t regret spending money in beautiful Sorrento. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they are also quite long-lasting.

Sorrento will increase your home’s value, making it look more luxurious. If you’re looking for doors that will give you the best return on your investment, Sorrento Doors is the way to go!

In addition, contact Doralum to buy the best quality Sorrento Doors and other impact doors and windows. They will ensure you the best quality products.


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