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6 Factors to Evaluate When Purchasing Hurricane Impact Glass Windows

6 Factors to Evaluate When Purchasing Hurricane Impact Glass Windows

A hurricane is one of the most damaging and common types of severe weather. It caused 90% of the damage to the residential buildings, and it also rendered economic damage.

Those who make their homes in the Caribbean and the southern sections of the United States are forced to endure the ever-increasing frequency of hurricanes of varying intensities, which strike the region annually.

Suppose you are in the business of real estate development. In that case, you may be curious about how to select impact glass windows that are resistant to hurricanes so that you can protect your customers from the ever-present dangers posed by the elements.

If you are interested in knowing how to select impact glass windows that are resistant to hurricanes, this blog will surely help you.

Factors to Evaluate When Purchasing Hurricane Impact Glass Windows


You should take into account the capacity of the hurricane glass windows to withstand corrosion from the salty water of the sea while making your selection.

They’re likely to corrode quickly, making them even more susceptible to hurricanes and other high winds.

However, hurricane-proof windows resistant to corrosion will serve you well for many years without succumbing to the effects of salt water.


Most buildings in Florida and the rest of the country are inspected once every 40 years to ensure they are up to code. It is common practice for condo associations to mandate that all units replace their existing high-impact glass windows and doors.

It’s a major structural project with high costs that you should avoid at all costs. For this reason, you should check that your impact windows are up to code to ensure they will pass inspection and survive for decades.


To know how to pick hurricane-proof windows, you must understand the importance of verifying the amount of protection they provide. Storms of varying intensities hit Florida and the Caribbean islands.

You are responsible for ensuring that your property is ready for a storm of any strength. Those category five hurricane windows and doors that can endure the fiercest storms are ideal.


Invest in high-impact glass windows that conform to regional construction requirements if you wish to avoid legal trouble. Several regulations concerning glass windows must be followed at the federal and state levels.

In contrast to the Federal Building Codes, Florida’s state construction regulations heavily emphasize hurricane and other storm preparation. Buying from a Florida window maker is preferable because of their familiarity with state regulations.


As previously said, hurricane impact windows in the area fully comply with all local ordinances. The natural and climatic characteristics of Florida and the Caribbean have also been considered throughout their creation.

Your windows will be able to survive any weather because of Miami, Florida’s window manufacturers’ familiarity with the area’s average temperatures and wind speeds.


Purchasing windows made in your own country helps you avoid paying a significant amount in import duties and sales tax. Your window needs may be met by buying directly from a regional producer.

You may also look for the available windows online. Explore the best deals on a massive selection of products at Shoppok. Your ultimate online shopping destination for amazing discounts and incredible variety.

It is worth noting. However, hurricane impact windows are, in fact, expensive, high-quality construction glasses. You may rest assured that you will receive high-quality, long-lasting glass windows if you are willing to spend a premium.


Having gained an understanding of selecting hurricane impact glass windows, it is time to place an order. Get in touch with Doralum if you need high-quality impact glass windows installed.


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