Doralum Corp. does not provide installation although we work with a number of installers that we have to come to know over the years and we can recommend one for you. We only recommend installers we believe to be responsible and experienced with our doors. We cannot guarantee nor do we take any responsibility for our doors installed by someone we don’t know. All Doralum doors are pre-hung and easy to install but should be properly installed for them to function correctly.

Our Sidelites fit directly into the doorframe via a U-shaped jamb and screws are not needed to attach one with the other. When no Sidelites are needed, Door Frames can be attached to wood bucks or masonry openings using (A) #14 Sheet metal screws (1-1/2” min embed) anchored to 2by wood bucks or wood structure or (B) _” Tap cons (1-1/4 min embed) into 1by wood bucks or masonry. See product approval sheet for further details.