Beautify and Secure your home with Doralum Impact-Resistant Doors and Windows. Replacing outdated, inefficient windows and doors will not only add value and curb-side appeal to your home, but will protect your home from severe weather damage, make it safer from intruders, and save you money on electric bills.

Manufactured to meet Miami-Dade County’s strict approval code process, Doralum doors and windows can withstand the impact high velocity winds and flying debris that occur during a severe storm. They can also guard against burglary and break-ins. Doralum Impact Resistant Doors and Windows are a deterrent to criminals looking to break in to a home. Their solid structure makes it extremely difficult to gain entry.

Care about the environment? Doralum does too. Our doors and windows create a secure seal around every door and window, keeping your indoor climate from seeping out. We also use low-E glass which keeps UV rays out while letting light in. This makes your air conditioning or heating system work less and save energy. That’s great for the planet and your pocket.

hurricane_depthProtect Your Home

  • Against storms and hurricane-force winds & airborne debris
  • Against air and water filtration
  • Against break-ins

Premium Quality

  • Manufactured to meet Miami-Dade County’s strict approval codes
  • Built with excellent skill & attention to detail
  • Contemporary designs & finishes

We Use Low-E Glass

  • Helps regulate Indoor climate
  • Protects interiors from UV damage
  • Saves on energy bills


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We manufacture and sell high quality aluminum impact resistant and non-impact resistant doors and windows.

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Our craftsmanship is top of the line.
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Our doors and windows look good and protect your home.